Consumable Supply

We stock most of your standard products and are adding a variety of brands to our inventory, to service every Dairy Farmer's needs.


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Registered Milka-Ware Distributor                   Suppliers of Lorawa Pumps                             Suppliers of Skellerup Rubberware


In stock:

  • Liners
  • Rubberware
  • Milk Filtration
  • Claw Tube
  • Pulsators
  • Pulsator Kits
  • Teat Cups
  • Milk hose
  • Air Tube
  • Washdown Hose
  • WashdownNozzels
  • Bowl Assemblies
  • Cluster Assemblies
  • Milk Tube
  • ACR's
  • WashPumps
  • Plate Coolers
  • Ambic Teatspray Spares
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Milkpumps
  • Controllers
  • Jetters

If your item is not in stock, we can have it on order the following morning (working days + Saturday only) in most cases. We will keep your item in our regular inventory to ensure availability in stock.


To order an item please come in to our  to work through various options or via E-mail Dave Perquin our Shop Manager.


We look forward to hearing from you.