ILat (In Line Automatc Teatspray) Mixing System


   The  ILAT (In Line Automatic Teatspray) Mixing System  is  designed to give trouble free mixing of Teatspray and Emollient products. The system simply attaches to an internal wall in your milking parlour, connects to a clean water supply running at 50-70PSI  on the inlet and your Teatspray line connects to the outlet. Place the pump inlet hoses into your  chemical containers, plug in the power , bleed the system and away you go. Simple really , in fact we think it's "UDDER  GENIUS"



  • No Waste
  • No Compressor Required
  • No Missed Mixing
  • No Storage Timeframe
  • Labour Savings
  • No Pressure Vessel
  • 3 way Adjuatable Ratio Switch


These units are availiable as a single pump system for teatspray only, or as a twin pump system for Teatspray and Emollient.


We recommend  a single phase plug that turns on and off with the shed operation.


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