Herringbone Packages

PW Engineering offers a variety of Herringbone systems' solutions ranging from 20 to 50 a side. With a lot of different types of shed structures and just as many pricing categories, making a choice can be difficult. We can help you with the selection process, as we have not aligned ourselves with any particular builder this keeps us obligation free to supply you with the best possible solution for your requirements and budget.


Product & Service Options:

  • Fully customisable Herringbone systems
  • Build/install of PW Dairy Services system
  • Milk plant installations, Chiller Installations and Water Reticulation
  • Arrangement of Shed/Yard Builders and Plumbers
  • Teat Spray syetems
  • Water Tanks
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Automation options


All our solutions are flexible, and we are happy to work on and accommodate all your requirements whatever they may be. Contact us today.