Milking Automation

There are several automation options available and in development. You don't necessarily need to replace your existing system to take advantage of some of the benefits automation can provide.


Dairy shed automation is generally applied in 3 key areas:

  • Automation of milking-related tasks.
  • Monitoring the animal's physical condition to optimise nutrition and health.
  • Automated feeding systems and reduction of heavy labour.


The benefits automation can offer are vast: higher profitability, better milk quality, improved lifestyle and animal welfare.


One of the key aspects of automation is "time saving", but it also has the potential to provide information inaccessible in the past that will enable dairy managers to be proactive rather than reactive, primarily in terms of nutrition, reproduction and animal health.


A dairy farm with automated technology can manage heat detection, mastitis prevention and detection, milking duties, body condition scoring and monitoring of heat stress and pregnancy.


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