60 Bale Platform With In-Platform Teatspray

Client:Maniototo Client

During the 2015 off Season we installed a 60 Bale platform with an In-Platform Teatspray System.

We used one of our iLat  (In Line Automatic Teatspray) mixing systems attached to a reservoir, fed through the center gland and ring mained through 60 solinoids to each spray wave.

The iLat give the following benifits

  • No Mixing Required
  • Adjustable Mixing ratios by simply turning a switch 1:4 1:7 1:9
  • Only mixes when the plant is running
  • Minimal Maintenance 
  • No Mess

Control for each spray solinoid is done through the Milka-Ware ACR system and is activated after cups off for an adjustable duration depending on the Farmers requirements.