60 Bale Milkplant with ACR's and Retention

Client:Maniototo Client

During the 2015 off season we installed a Milkaware 60 Bale Milkplant including Milkaware ACR's and Cow Retention.



pdf.jpg click here for more information on the Milkaware ACR system


Its the little things that count.

  • Retention only comes down at the bridge when a Cow needs retained for recupping or for extended milking.  It will then go back up once over the bridge and stay up.
  • Farmer has the ability to adjust ACR Parameters on the fly. 
  • Milking time, Take off Logic, Fault issues and a whole lot of other benefits are all displayed on each bails screen.

The wash for the milkplant is controlled external of the platform so there is no need to close valves etc internally.