Twin Beam Replacement

Client:Patearoa Platform

The Challenge:

Wear and tear over a period of years had caused the drive beam under this platform to deteriorate to the point of replacement.  There where two ways we could proceed


  1. Install the same system as the existing one or
  2. Install a better replacement that would stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance.


The Solution:

Our engineers determined that a 200UB was the best solution for ridgidity/strength and longevity also allowing for a wide point of contact between the Beam and Rollers. 


Option 2 made more economical sense in the long run. So the decision was made to install a set of Twin 200UB Rings with 90 120x 80mm Nylon Rollers to lower on-going maintenance costs and mitigate the risk of breakdown. 


The old beam and Rollers where taken out and the new setup installed in 5 days with a team of 4 trained staff. 


The Result

DFP have around 1100 Cows going over this platform twice a day at its peak. The drive beam and rollers are performing to expectation.


We now use this configuration in all our new platform installations.