Replacement Drive Beam

Client:Patearoa Platform
Start Date:December 2011
Completion Date:January 2012

The Challenge:

Big Sky Dairy Farms Manager contacted P&W Dairy Services and asked if we could fix the drive beam and rollers under his Platform, as it was worn out and had been repaired quite a few times in the past.


Both Steve Miller (Dairy Services Project Manager) and Kelvin Wright (P&W Design Manager) travelled up to Patearoa to evaluate the various options and discuss them with "Big Sky".


Upon Investigation it was noted that things where in a bad way and the only real option was to replace the Drive Beam, Rollers and Pedastals.


The timeframe that was given to complete the work was very tight (4 Weeks from the start to finish) so in this case having the backup of the P&W Engineering Fabrication and Machining Divisions was an absolute saviour.


The Solution:

We decided that a 200UB was the best solution for ridgidity and strength also allowing for a wide point of contact between the Beam and Rollers (130mm).  The Rollers where mounted on fully adjustable Pedastals to allow for easy setup and ongoing maintenance adjustments that are needed overtime. Due to the lightness of the platform, a wearstrip was not needed. Automatic grease dispensers, that are less trouble and a lot cleaner, where installed replacing the old oil baths.


The old beam and Rollers where removed and the new setup installed in 5 days with a team of 4 qualified staff. 


The Result:

Big Sky Dairy Farms currently have approximately 1100 Cows going over this platform twice a day at its peak.  The drive beam and rollers are performing perfectly to expectation.


Another happy customer.